Corporate Investigative Services

Blue Hawk Investigations – offering a wide range of investigative services for our corporate clients.

Blue Hawk Investigations provides an extensive range of investigative services for our corporate clients – tailoring our services to meet your goals and expectations. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Witness Interviews

Know the answer before you ask the question! Blue Hawk Investigations has over four decades of experience in witness interviews. Individual testimony can be the most unreliable piece of evidence in your case, but when the interview is conducted by an experienced interviewer a witness can provide trustworthy testimony that proves invaluable.

Executive protection

With over twenty years of tactical experience with the FBI’s New York Enhanced S.W.AT. Team– where we were assigned protection duties for the U.S. Attorney General, FBI Director and other foreign dignitaries as needed – we can ensure your safety and protection in high risk situations. In addition, Blue Hawk Investigators have also trained and deployed with some of the most elite tactical teams in the U.S.

Pre-employment Screening

Today, employees can have a great impact on the financial position of your business. Throughout the hiring process and trainings, it is important that you are able to gain trust with your future employee so you know your companies reputation, intellectual and financial property are safe. We have years of practical experience in conducting due diligence backgrounds on all of Connecticut’s workforce and organizations that were engaged in the state’s Gaming Industry.

Loss Prevention

Today’s unique business climate of union contracts, regulations, statutory compliance and a weak economy, among others, can easily create an atmosphere in which an employee or a vendor can place your financial assets, intellectual property and business relationships at risk. Your company needs a firm with the experience to resolve your issue in a fast, impartial and comprehensive way that protects both your assets and relationships. Blue Hawk Investigations has the knowledge and know-how to resolve these issues while providing a proactive solution that limits your exposure to these types of future events.

Litigation Support

Blue Hawk Investigators have participated in dozens of State and Federal criminal trials over the past four decades. Our experience starts with the witness interview process, follows through with witness trial preparation and concludes with in-trial assistance and expert testimony. There is no substitute for real litigation and trial experience.

Personal Investigations

When your needs are personal, you want a firm that maintains your confidentiality and has years of experience in personality behavior. Our firm has real life experience in stranger and parental kidnappings extortions, and runaways. With these years of experience, we know that your situation is sensitive and personal and will always be treated with the dignity you deserve.

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